BMW Android 8.1 Head Unit Upgrade For E90 CCC! MUCH Improved from Seicane.

In this video I install the new and improved Android 8.1 CCC navigation upgrade for my E90 BMW. This will work with all E9X models that came with an 8.8″ CCC navigation system from the factory. This also applies to all E6X models and the overall installation and experience would be similar for any CIC equipped car.

This new model has 2 GB of memory and a six core processor for improved speed. Most importantly (for me at least) it has a stronger DAC or digital to analog converter for improved sound, especially in the bass department.

This really brings the car up to date in terms of infotainment and works with your factory iDrive controller.

This unit was provided by a company called Seicane and you can purchase one here (affiliate):


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Link to GPS splitter (affiliate):

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