Leather Crafting – Making an iPhone Wallet

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Leather Crafting – Making an iPhone Wallet

I got a new iPhone so I decided to make myself a new wallet out of natural vegetable tanned leather. I recently purchased a very nice set of irons from Crimson Hides so I decided to unbox those and use them for the first time making my iPhone wallet!

The design is fairly straight forward with the body being made from a single piece of leather, and a pocket. I made sure to punch a hole for the charging cable so that my phone can charge while it’s in the pouch – a design detail I first started using with our iPhone 4 case a few years back.

The iPhone Wallet is made from 4oz vegetable tanned leather with threads sent over by Crimson Hides. I really like the thread – it’s a good size for the diamond awl-shaped holes that the new stitching irons make. Overall the piece turned out really nice!