iPhone 12 Pro Teardown: 5G Comes at a Cost

It’s iPhone season and that means we’ve gotten our hands on Apple’s latest iPhone for professionals only! The iPhone 12 Pro. With an updated 3 camera system that includes Lidar, a new (well kind of new) flat-edged design, an updated processor and of course who could forget 5G. In short, the iPhone 12 Pro has all the makings of a very exciting teardown, so let’s get right to it.

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00:00 Intro
00:32 Opening Phone
00:54 Removing Display
01:24 Removing Cameras
02:10 Front Facing Camera Removal
02:23 First Attempt to Remove Logic Board
02:36 Taptic Engine and Speaker Removal
02:52 Battery Removal and Specs
03:28 Second Attempt to Remove Logic Board
03:44 Logic Board Specs
03:50 LiDAR Explanation
04:28 MagSafe Magnets
04:48 Score
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