DM28 (LEM13) 4G 3GB/32GB Android 7.1.1 Radical Dual Camera, 360 Degree Smartwatch: Unbox & 1st Look

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Here it is, the most radical smartwatch of 2020 by far, the DM28 dual camera flip-up watch design. This thing is so cool. I though it was weird and silly until I started using it. Now I can’t put it down. Because the main outward pointing camera is on the bottom, the screen is angled up away from the sun, which actually makes it visible for use outdoors. It’s not bright, mind you, but you can see it for framing photos and videos, and that makes all the difference. This is identical to the LEM13 smartwatch as well.

Through fiddling it’s been revealed that a few different 3rd party camera apps will work with the watch, which is great. My favorite is HD Camera ( ) for several reasons, but mostly for the app’s layout on a round screen smartwatch.

A couple of drawbacks include the lack of integration of GPS with the stock fitness app. We hope they will update it with firmware (other’s have done it successfully). Also, there’s a loud, annoying sound played every time you open the watch clamshell. It can only be suppressed through lowering the Media volume to zero (which shuts off all volume for apps).

UPDATE: There is new firmware that adds the ability to silence the sound when you open to watch from the base, and the ability to not have it immediately switch to the camera app either. Welcomed additions on both the DT20 and LEM13.

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